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The Marathon Success Principles

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 29 Jul
Doing What it Takes (WIT) – Practical Success Principles I have signed up for the Sunshine Coast Half Marathon and I am implementing these super success principles: 1.  Set goals and tell others about them – yes, I announce that I am doing this crazy thing!  And in so doing have created a high level

Who on Earth Are You?

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 26 Jul
“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain Do you know why you were born?  What your life’s purpose is? How well do you know you?  Whose definition of you do you live into? Events in your life so

Your Ideal Client Criteria

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 22 Jul
Can you identify your Ideal Client in the sea of prospects? How often have you heard that “Any client is a good client”?  This is a myth of massive proportion and the cause of many a headache, of reduced profits, and a serious decrease in the enjoyment factor for those dealing with this mismatch of

Disempowering the Disempowering Belief…

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 18 Jul
Do you know how to disempower a Disempowering Belief?   It’s simple!   Just ask the right questions.  A conversation… Son        “I can’t do anything right at work” Mum     “Is that true?  How do you know that?” Son         “Well, no one tells me I do a good job”

Buttons Galore!

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 15 Jul
Does your product or service scream – Pick me!  Pick me! I couldn’t help myself… I had to go into the Button Bar in Adelaide and take this photo – and this is only a small section of the walls of buttons.  It made me think how choice has expanded exponentially in a global market

Judy’s Musings – When Stuff Happens… Take the High Road

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 11 Jul
Sometimes stuff happens – stuff that wasn’t in the plan and which doesn’t appear to be supporting our journey towards our goals. We could take a woe is me approach – take the low road and blame, excuse, deny our way through this less than extraordinary experience.  Play the victim. Or we could take the

Focus, Effective Strategies, Empowering Beliefs

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 08 Jul
So you know what you want to achieve this year?  You are clear on what your goals are and why it is important to you that they are reached.  This knowing is so powerful – clarity around goals means that you are more likely to make decisions and take actions everyday with these desired outcomes

Judy’s Musings – I Believe in Feeding my Intelligence

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 04 Jul
I believe in feeding my intelligence – in lifetime learning – it enables me to grow and to thrive in this ever changing environment.  I prefer to disrupt than be disrupted. New learnings are the impetus for innovative thought – for instigating change that adds value.  Remember that the level of thinking which created a

The Power of Journaling

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 01 Jul
Do you keep a journal? Robin Sharma, the author of “The Leader who had no Title” recommends that in order to maximise daily effectiveness we should write in our journal every morning – as an entree to the day. I have been journaling for years and I totally agree.  It is a great way to

“Burnt Out” is not who you are…

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 27 Jun
We work with many people who describe themselves as “burnt out” – what does that mean? In order to be burnt out you must have been on fire at some point?  Were you? “I am burnt out”…  Burnt out is not who you are – burnt out is something that happened to you – burnt