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How to increase job satisfaction & retain your stars

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 01 Oct
Surveys suggest that the number one reason people leave their jobs is because they don’t feel appreciated. So if we want to retain our people we simply show our appreciation – right!  Yes and no… yes, we must show our appreciation for our teams contribution and no, it’s not simple – we don’t show our

What Does Your Culture Say About You and Your Business?

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 23 Sep
Are your non-negotiable published values driving behaviours in your business?  Or not? What does your culture and your underlying values say about you and your business?  That is… the everyday, what is actually going on, behaviours – the ones that are making the most noise. The first thing I do when I walk into businesses

6 Marathon Success Principles – Yes They Work!

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 16 Sep
I completed my first half marathon (21.1 kms!) a few weekends ago at the picturesque Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.  Very exciting! Some time ago I blogged about “Doing what it Takes” to reach your goals using my marathon training experience as an analogy. In summary – these where my super success principles: 1.  Set

Transform your thinking & vision – from impossible to certain!

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 09 Sep
We believe you have everything you need to play your bigger game!  We work with people every day helping them to transform their thinking and vision, to breakthrough their comfort zones, to live their potential daily. So, what is your bigger game?  What is your vision for you?  Are you in the game or watching

Hindsight is a wonderful thing…

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 03 Sep
Hindsight is a wonderful thing… unless you are dead or it is too late to do anything about it! I know… that sounds really morbid and rather sensational – however, it is so real for so many.  Too often I hear – “I wish I had taken the time to think about what I wanted

Social Media – Your Client Nurturing Program

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 26 Aug
Ignorance is no defence – Connect with your Customers on Social Media What happens in your business when a client emails or calls you and compliments you and your team on a job well done or refers you?  Do you call or email and acknowledge the thoughtful comments?  Do you reward the referrer?  Most businesses

What is success? Do you feel successful?

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 19 Aug
SUCCESS – Means different things for different people – what’s your definition? Do you want to be successful?  Yes?  So what does “being successful” mean, what does it look like, feel like?  And how will you know when you are there? At our LIFE by DESIGN Retreats, we use proven tools and processes to help

Massively improve your productivity with an EOFY every 3 months

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 16 Aug
What a difference an EOFY deadline makes – Periodisation at its best! Have you found that during the last month of your financial year there is more focused activity towards meeting annual budgets and KPI’s? What is different?  The end of financial year is just a line in the sand.  But everybody buys into it,


  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 05 Aug
Consider this… you are the CEO of YOU INC – you are leading you, the corporation. YOU INC will have a vision, which will provide clarity and direction for you, the CEO who is leading the way.  You will be clear on where you want YOU INC to be in the future so that you have

20+ Insights to Upgrade the Digital Strategy for your Business

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 02 Aug
I recently attended the Interactive Minds Digital Summit and took away some serious value – here are some of the insights I gained from the brilliant presenters on the day (this is my take on what was presented, with my own additional personal thoughts): 1.  Be clear on who your customers are and where they