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Why Investing in a Great Team is a Smart Business Decision

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 21 Apr
Growing Great Teams – Part 1   This is the first in a series of blogs on Growing Great Teams.  There are the often quoted and very legitimate reasons why we should invest in a great team: Better customer relations; Increased sales; Improved profitability; and Better share prices. A great team is also a powerful

Harnessing the Power of the Gamers’ Mindset

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 14 Apr
Video games are designed so that once the gamer masters one stage they are rewarded with a more difficult level.  They are challenged again and again. How might this translate into the reality of life and business? What if we saw a new challenge as a reward for mastering old ones, for our past effort?

The Powerful Mindset of Successful Entrepreneurs & Leaders

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 17 Mar
Who will you give yourself permission to be today?   This is a question that successful entrepreneurs and leaders are able to answer in a flash. When working with people in business we find that they often reach a stage in their business and in their lives when they adopt a holding pattern.  They unknowingly enter

The Know-It-All Syndrome

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 03 Mar
Being a Know-It-All puts a lid on your potential   It is so very liberating when you grow to know that there is so much you don’t know and you are prepared to admit it.  We are sure that the more you know, the more you know you don’t know and the more excited you

Is a Plan a Promise?

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 25 Feb
Absolutely not!   Confusing these two words, plan and promise, can be the reason you may choose not to have a plan. Let’s consider the dictionary meanings: Plan A detailed proposal for doing or achieving something, an intention or decision about what one is going to do. Promise A declaration or assurance that one will

What Guides You? The Value Proposition

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 10 Feb
If you are prepared to compromise a value because of a change of circumstance or an opportunity, then it cannot be an authentic value for you.  Values are non-negotiable.  They are not for competitive advantage. You don’t see values – you see the behaviours that play out because of the values and beliefs held. Values

The Demise of the Lone Wolf Mentality

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 04 Feb
In this fast paced business environment the lone wolf mentality does not cut it.  You must be prepared to collaborate in order to expand your intellectual and relationship capital.  You must recruit people who have what you need and engage in lifetime learning to fill the gaps.  Otherwise growth will be severely stymied. Take advantage

How to get the best ROI on your time

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 28 Jan
Check Your State   If you want to squeeze the most out of every day – to get the very best ROI (return on investment) for your time, then you must maintain a high state of energy and engagement. How’s your state right now?  How are you engaging with the world and all it has

Call Out to Emerging Entrepreneurs

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 12 Jan
Start-ups can be seriously profitable!   I recently heard a renowned business coach tell an audience of entrepreneurs (infants and toddlers in the life cycle of business) that they need to get real and should not expect to be profitable for up to 6 years, and that business is really hard work often without reward.

Flexibility in the Workplace

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 10 Nov
A Win-Win Environment   INNOVATE OR BE DISRUPTED Innovation is not just about product and process – it is also about attracting and retaining the best people – and flexibility and virtual offices are just part of the story.  The Chief Innovation Officer’s charter is to thread innovative process through the entire company – to