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The Pricing Dilemma – What’s your Approach?

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 18 Mar
Time?  Commission?  Schedule of Costs?  Or Value Pricing? Which one?  Professional service businesses who have embraced value pricing have seen impressive increases in productivity and profit.  So why is the take up so slow? Here is some food for thought… For those who have invested many years perfecting their craft and invested significantly in improving

The Art of Delegation – 7 Key Steps

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 11 Mar
Delegation is a process that adds value at all levels – it is all about doing more by doing less!  Don’t wait and abrogate when tasks become super urgent and deadlines critical – it is incredibly counter productive. In our “Delegate For Success” blog post we considered why we should delegate and looked at some

Delegate for Success!

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 04 Mar
Want more success for your team, your business, for you?  Then learn to delegate.  Effectively! The Pareto Principle suggests that 20% of your activities generate 80% of your results… so it makes sense that you should spend 80% of your time on those particular activities. How much time are you spending majoring in the minors? 

The Referral Goldmine

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 25 Feb
Imagine a business where every new customer who comes through the door comes by way of a referral from an existing customers.  Because they want what the referrer gets, those referred customers arrive with a positive preconception and a willingness to buy what you sell…  Sounds like a dream come true, right? Having a referral

Building relationships – What’s your strategy?

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 18 Feb
Strong relationships are the cornerstone of every growing and successful business. If we neglect to build relationships with our customers or our potential customers (our prospects) then we will become a transaction and commodities based business – and that puts us squarely in a highly competitive, often price driven, short term frenetic market. Building relationships

Employing Project Thinking

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 05 Feb
How often have you decided to embark on a project and then you don’t get started, or you start too late, or maybe you start but you don’t follow it through to the end? Why does this happen? At the time the project was important, wasn’t it? If you want more of your great ideas

Two Keys to Profitable Growth

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 27 Jan
Less is often more   1.  Fewer Focused Strategies    In a difficult market it is very tempting to embrace all of the sales opportunities – to have lots of options – to cover all bases. There is a wise saying – “If you chase two rabbits, you won’t catch either”. Having too many priorities

Is your team a little below par?

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 27 Jan
How does your team stack up? Are they a little below par? Is morale a little low, some not performing, some just not happy or some stirring the pot? Or do you have some amazing people who just do it… well at least that is what it looks like from your point of view? Here

Opening Gates Launches 4 February

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 21 Jan
Opening Gates is excited to announce its official launch on 4 February. Stay tuned for more updates!