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Judy’s Musings – You are not your ART – You are the artist

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 16 May
You are not what you do or what you make – so if you are selling your products or services and someone rejects you or says No – it is easy to think that you are being rejected.  You are the artist not the art.  It is your art that they didn’t want not you.

Get the most out of your Strategy Day…

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 13 May
Simply get started on your Strategy AND follow through TO reap the rewards…   We are currently in the process of facilitating annual strategy days and making plans for the new financial year.  There is lots of excitement and anticipation around what is possible this coming year.  And there was last year too.  But according

Judy’s Musings – Let’s Mix it Up

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 09 May
It is time to mix it up… decision making should be a blend of rationale and spirituality, logic and intuition, theory and gut instinct, head and heart. How often do you “decide” based on gut instinct and then do your due diligence using your intellect only to arrive back at your initial choice?  How often

Getting Stuff Done – The Action Sheet that Works

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 06 May
Does your action sheet resemble a shopping list – and because you are too busy to make it to the shops it just gets longer and longer… A “TO DO” list is not an action sheet – it is a wish list. I have seen some action sheets with just 2 columns – the number

Judy’s Musings – The Ultimate Value Transfer

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 02 May
I love it when the vision for your business aligns with the vision for your life – one feeds the other – the ultimate value transfer! What I have found is… the best businesses have owners and leaders who are passionate about what they do because they know why they are doing it… there is

Your Missing Piece of the Productivity Puzzle

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 29 Apr
What if I told you there was a way to significantly increase your productivity and what you achieved in a day – a method that was based on working smarter, not harder – would you be interested?  Would you like to see even more output for the effort you’re putting in?  The sense of achievement

Don’t Play the Waiting Game!

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 25 Apr
Life is a journey not a destination. Do you find yourself waiting, playing the WHEN>THEN game?  It goes something like this… “WHEN I find the CEO”, or “WHEN I get the right people”, or “WHEN I sell the business > THEN I will slow down, have fun, enjoy life”.  These WHEN>THEN games are one of

Beware – Culture is Caught not Taught…

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 22 Apr
One of the biggest challenges for an organisation is to maintain a strong consistent culture especially if you are experiencing high turnover of employees or when high growth is occurring. Owners of successful businesses really understand why they do what they do, and create a culture which reflects their beliefs and values.  This strong culture

Judy’s Musings – What the!… Where am I? What am I doing?

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 18 Apr
You feel like all is not how it should be… It is just an inkling, a little poke in the ribs, a thought floating by – and then someone asks the question… what is your purpose in life, why do you do what you do, is this how you thought being in business would be?

Creativity and Innovation are must haves for businesses

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 15 Apr
Do you need a Chief Innovation Officer (CIO)? Traditional business thinking which typically focuses on 3 to 5 year strategies created with sophisticated analytical processes and logical reasoning, may now be a little too “clunky” and take too long to arrive at critical decisions. Today’s fast-emerging, often unpredictable environment calls for agile decision making to