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The Dangers of Discounting

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 24 Jun
Discounting eats directly into your profits. Consider this… A retailer who has a gross profit margin of 30% must increase sales by 50% if they discount prices by 10%. This is massive.  If sales do not increase by 50% or more the business will suffer reduced profits.  From the point of view of the customer

When did you learn you weren’t Superman?

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 20 Jun
When did you stop believing you were superman? Who told you that you didn’t have super human powers? When did you learn that you could only pretend to be a super hero?  That you could not actually be one? As children, we have no boundaries inhibiting who we are, no comprehension of impossible…   When

Getting Better Results

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 17 Jun
Decisions X Actions = Results A simple equation relevant in both business and life. Everyday we make hundreds of decisions – in a business the number of decisions are increased as the number of employees increase – in a business with 50 employees there are thousands of decisions being made every day. DECISIONS: So how

Judy’s Musings – Focus On Those Who Turn Up

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 13 Jun
Is not turning up valid feedback? Those who didn’t turn up are not nearly as important as those who did, who are here.  Yet why do we invest so much emotional energy on those who weren’t there – second guessing why they chose not to come, creating disempowering stories which erode our confidence and question

Anticipate Change – The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 10 Jun
Great leaders anticipate… They are visionary and pre-empt the changing market place.  Businesses which enjoy enduring success have visionary leaders. Consider Kodak – 20 odd years ago Kodak was a dominant player in the field of photography and was the first company to create the digital camera.  However, they decided not to invest in this

Judy’s Musings – Embrace these Choice Points

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 06 Jun
Keep opening gates and live into your best life Opening Gates – the gates are analogies for choice points.  How often do we come to a gate on our life’s journey – a choice point and ponder?  Should we open the gate and walk on through, do we wait for support, do we take a

Daily Huddles – Create Rhythm & Routine in your Business

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 03 Jun
Daily meetings are important – everyone in the business should be in some kind of 5 to 15 minute meeting daily.  Not in the same meeting necessarily, but in a meeting. These daily huddles promote team performance by engaging peer pressure via the group format, leveraging collective intelligence and establishing clear communication. The meetings must

Judy’s Musings – Change the rating … change the mindset

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 30 May
So you have rated your leadership as 10 out of 10 – what does that mean?  That you couldn’t be any better? How did you get to be so awesome?  Was it continual improvement?  Stop doing what made you awesome and you will become less so. A 10/10 mindset breeds complacency, inefficiency and arrogance.  The

7 Reasons Why You Should Engage an External Facilitator

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 27 May
At this time of the year business owners and their teams are making plans for the next financial year.  This planning process can take many forms – it can be anything from a full strategic session incorporating life, growth, profit, people, and wealth plans or it may be limited to a simple budget.  The process

Judy’s Musings – Building Passion Purpose and Participation

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 24 May
One of my favourite roles is facilitating strategic sessions with my business clients.  It’s wonderful to witness the increase in positive energy, to feel the enthusiasm building. We reconnect with WHY we do what we do – the purpose, the reason we get up in the morning, that moment that brings a smile to our