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Creating an Appetite for Broccoli

  • Posted by Sarah Petrie 31 Jan
(Translation: Ramping up your Business Advisory Sales) A simple 8 step process Bill’s customers have been buying cabbage for years.  They don’t really like cabbage but it’s a necessary evil.  The government has invested heavily in cabbage farms and have legislated for cabbage to be a compulsory consumption item.  So there are consequences of not

Culture by Design Series – Part 2

  • Posted by Sarah Petrie 31 Jan
Leading the way Creating an environment conducive to high performance is one part of the puzzle – the other is the commitment of the leaders to promoting and maintaining that environment. In short, publishing the organisation’s intangibles and making assertions about what you do, means nothing if the team’s experience is something completely different to

Culture by Design Series – Part 1

  • Posted by Sarah Petrie 31 Jan
Yes, you can design your culture and this is why you should. What is it? Culture is a living dynamic ever evolving notion – an energetic phenomenon.  It is influenced by the interaction of human beings, their energy, their mindsets, their life experiences. Culture spawns behaviours!  We may not see culture but we certainly do

Turning Outside-In into Inside-Out

  • Posted by Sarah Petrie 08 Aug
Living from the outside-in is an endeavour to placate an all-consuming feeling of emptiness with stuff from the outside. Stuff like the accumulation of material possessions.  Stuff like compliments, status, and affirmations. Living from the inside-out is recognising that fulfilment and abundance exists within, and that we manifest our inner value into the outer world. 

A Transcript – Getting Clear on Dual Focus – Why the Numbers Matter

  • Posted by Sarah Petrie 20 Jul
The following transcript is from an email communication our founder, Judy Reynolds had with one of our amazing business clients.  This explanation is super relevant to all business owners and leaders – so here it is as it was written.  (Except the names have been changed to protect the innocent!)  Congruency NOT Contradiction “The session

How to be a 100%er? Make every sales meeting a winner.

  • Posted by Sarah Petrie 07 Jul
Winning in every meeting with a prospect is a great goal – and how would it make you feel – pretty successful right!  This level of success generates high energy and the compounding effect is rippled through future meetings.  And this is why we say that success breeds success. So how do you do it? 

Putting your Current Reality in Context

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 16 Jun
This is the final blog in a series on Doing Business in a Downturn.  If you missed the previous blogs you can find them here – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.   Is it easier to expand or contract?  Our experience is that business owners find it much easier to expand.