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The most common question I was asked after speaking at a recent International Women’s Day function was “What should women do to succeed in a male dominated work place?”  My short answer was, “Be yourself”.

It was apparent that there was an expectation for a response which was more than two words long – a strategy or tools perhaps, which would help women to thrive in this environment.

The thing is, “being yourself” is a big strategy and absolutely essential to reaching and growing your potential in all facets of life.

The strategy is – get to know yourself intimately so that you know

• What your core genius is

• Which human needs currently drive your behaviour and which ones should

• What your behavioural profile looks like both natural and adapted

• What your mental capital is made up of

• What your relationship capital looks like

• Your non-negotiable values,

• How you make decisions – your points of reference

• Your WHY – your purpose in life

• What your intentions are for community, family, recreation, learning etc

• How you define work and what it means to you

• Your brand, your personality

• And so much more

When you bring all this together you create your very own, unique value stack – layer upon layer of value.

I have found that it is common for women not to have taken the time to uncover this value or to even recognise it as an integral part of who they are and what they have to offer. And, can I say that this is not restricted to women – men also neglect this most important process

“Being yourself” has a very different meaning when you know with clarity who “yourself” is – and when you have unbundled your value, owned it and celebrated what you have to offer.

The first sale must always be to yourself! This means that you must sell the real value of you to yourself first, before you can go out and present yourself with confidence to your “market”.

Let’s consider this in terms of a business context and a sales person selling a product. In order to effectively make a sale, and in order to authentically promote the product as one which will add real value to the customer, the salesperson must firstly believe in the product themselves and believe that the product is worth the price tag – they must firstly sell the value and the price to themselves.

Can you see how important it is to go through the process of unbundling your value and creating a value stack which is unique to you? It is this value stack which you will leverage off to enable you to live the life you aspire to. It will change the way you see yourself, you will be so much more than you ever thought you could be – and your new life will be a reflection of this new you.

We go through this process with care and kindness, over 2 days at our LIFE by DESIGN Retreats.  It is truly worth your investment.

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