Go before you’re ready – a great mantra for the perfectionist.

Have you ever let perfect get in the way of progress?

A 20 minute walk is better than the 40 minute run you never do.  The first draft proposal that is presented is better than the perfect one that never sees the light of day.  The imperfect blog that gets published is better than the perfect blog that never leaves your computer.

Ask yourself – what is the worst thing that could happen if you went before you were ready, before “it” was perfect?  And then, what would be the best thing?

Procrastination (waiting until “it’s” perfect) is often the shield we use to protect ourselves from feeling vulnerable or from a fear of failure.

Yes you may feel vulnerable and it is likely to be worth it!

An impromptu Sunday lunch with friends is better than the perfectly planned elegant dinner party that you never host.

Avoid being a perfectionist by leaning into your vulnerability, making it happen sooner rather than later and going before you’re ready. 

Maybe there is more risk in later than there is in sooner??

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