Life by Design - Revive

Check out in order to check in – take time out for reflection – connect with your potential and create a plan to live it every day.


    Identify your incredible value, what success means for you and your core genius. Be ready to step into your potential.


    Design a new and bigger vision for your life to maximise your potential. Identify and move the blocks to your success.


    Walk away with a clear plan and priorities to live intentionally, and maximise your time. You will have the tools to live the life you designed.


A Mind Expanding Weekend Workshop

2 days of life changing, interactive workshops full of insights, knowledge and tools to increase your energy, motivation and focus.

Facilitated by Judy Reynolds

One of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs and business strategists.

Judy has the unique ability to see the world from two very different vantage points – as a promoter of knowing and living your potential every day and as a consultant and chartered accountant who knows business and the dynamics of teams.

Designed for people impacted by business

LIFE by DESIGN Revive has been created specifically for those who are ready to step into their potential and live an amazing, fulfilling life, whether they are business owners, leaders or careerists.


How to harness the power of Intentional Imbalance. Learn about success, core genius, leadership, life and wealth planning.  We address dis-empowering beliefs, and blocks to progress.  Re-invigorate the joy for life and living.  Apply the insights personally to build your own unique strategies and actions towards an even better life.


Our distinction is that LIFE by DESIGN Retvive offers substantial personal and professional development – it will change your life.

We have a unique formula, and it works.

It is not a lay-by-the-beach weekend (although we do encourage this Pre and Post Program!).

We don’t do “fluff” – it is purposeful and packed with valuable insights and tools that will help you design the life you aspire to.

You will need to be fully engaged throughout the workshops and it will require hard work and commitment to the process.  But the rewards will be great!

This is time dedicated to you – and designed to maximise what you can achieve in this life.

We know you are busy.  So if you can only spare a weekend, then our Revive will work for you.


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“Absolute genius in structure, organisation and execution”

– Amanda Coutts –



Judy Reynolds is a sought-after speaker with over 25 years experience as a highly regarded consultant to businesses from a range of diverse sectors. She is the author of Transform Life and Business 140 Characters @ a Time and a game changer with a passion for enabling people to live their biggest lives.

She is the Founder & CEO of Opening Gates, is the director of a billion dollar corporation, has strategised to attract global investment to regional Australia, set up foundations to support community infrastructure and services, and facilitated the transition of businesses from regional to global.

Her very successful clients have embraced Judy’s advice and support to take their businesses, their wealth and their lifestyles to new levels.

At LIFE by DESIGN Revive, spend a weekend learning about the tools & strategies Judy has developed over 20 years to re-design her own life and the lives of countless others.



Sunday 28th - Sunday 29th November 2015

The Workshops start at 8.45am on Saturday & Sunday, and finishes 5pm Saturday and 4pm Sunday.


Sydney CBD

Central CBD Location – Quay West Suites, 98 Gloucester Street, The Rocks, Sydney NSW.

Leave the noisy busyness of life behind and take time to expand your mind.

“Incredible life changing content.

  Immense value – information which will impact on all areas of my life”

– Angela Larose –


Time is the most precious resource we have – there is no time bank!  At LIFE by DESIGN Revive you will learn how to harness the power of Intentional Imbalance – to live and use time intentionally and not waste a moment.

The Revive is a unique opportunity to grow in both a personal and professional capacity.  You will identify and embrace a bigger vision for your life and create a plan to live into your potential.

Living by your design will give you renewed focus and energy for life and this will transfer seamlessly into your business, and your career.

Whether you are an individual taking the opportunity to invest in yourself or an employer desirous of investing in a valued team member – the outcomes are remarkable.


Invest in your business leaders, careerists and dedicated employees to take them to a higher level of success.

To be truly inspired and motivated it’s essential to consider the whole person – not just the parts that are required at work.  By teaching your team members to live by design, they will be more energised, more focused and more motivated.

Consider LIFE by DESIGN Revive a unique bonus or reward for your valued team members, with the added benefit of substantial professional development.


Our LIFE by DESIGN Revive is packed with value, and we limit numbers to provide the very best personal experience for you.

All inclusions are listed below.

  • 2 full days of life changing, interactive personal and professional development workshops, facilitated by Judy Reynolds herself

  • Limited to maximum 20 designers

  • DISC ADVANCED Behavioural Profiling

  • Nutritious morning teas, lunches and afternoon teas

  • Facilitator on call 24/7

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Days Dedicated to You

Amount of Stress

No. Photos You'll Want to Instagram


    8.45am - 1pm

    Welcome!  Introduction to the weekend.

    Revive Workshop Session 1:

    Discover who you really are beyond what you do, uncover the  value that resides within and the untapped potential just waiting to be recognised.  Become clear on why you are on this earth for this time.

    Nutritious Morning Tea break included in Session 1.

    1pm - 2pm

    Refreshing and nourishing Lunch.


    Revive Workshop Session 2:

    Step into your power and take back control with a new take on leadership. Identify your core genius and build your value stack. Create a vision for how you would like your life to play out.

    Nutritious afternoon tea provided in Session 2.


    Day 1 Concludes

    8.45am - 12.30pm

    ReviveWorkshop Session 3:

    With clarity around your value, your WHY and your Vision for you – set your intentions – a powerful goal setting process that will take you way beyond a work life focus and enable you to live the life you aspire to and make the contribution you desire to.

    Session 3 includes a nutritious Morning Tea.


    Refreshing and nourishing Lunch.


    ReviveWorkshop Session 4:

    Understand the process of change and learn how to embrace your value, step into your potential, play your biggest game and live your extraordinary life. Discover how to be harness the power of intentional imbalance, and to stay on track using our practical take home tools and insights.

    Session 4 includes a nutritious Afternoon Tea.


    Revive Concludes.



LIFE by DESIGN Revive is an investment in the rest of your life.

One of our designers put it in perspective in this way – “if you were to live for another 40 years, the investment is less than $0.70 a week.

Booking before 1 November 2015, and receive a FREE 1 hour one-on-one Momentum Meeting call with Judy (valued at over $500).

So we can dedicate more one-on-one time to you, numbers are limited to 20 designers.  Book early to avoid disappointment.

Your Investment
    • 2 days of life changing personal & professional development facilitated by Judy

    • DISC ADVANCED Behavioural Profiling

    • Nutritious food

    • Convenient Sydney CBD Location

    • Facilitator On Call 24/7

    • Limited to max 20 designers


If you have some questions about LIFE by DESIGN Revive you would like answered before you Book, or would like to discuss a payment plan, feel free to get in touch with us on 1300 781 375 or send us an email at  Alternatively, complete the form below and one of our team will be in touch.


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These FAQ’s will help you learn more about LIFE by DESIGN Revive.

The outcomes are so very unique to each designer.  However, other designers have shared their experiences as follows:

  • I have a new awareness and understanding of myself
  • There is a sense of anticipation for what my future could be
  • My life’s journey will no longer be left up to the whim of others  – I can now lead the way with a clear vision
  • I have acknowledged disempowering beliefs which may block my progress
  • I now have effective strategies to keep me on track
  • I know what my bigger game is and I am ready to play
  • I feel so much better about my job and what is possible for me
  • It was great to get to know myself well enough to design my life – I have direction

The Revive is designed for people from all backgrounds, professions, age groups and demographics.  Our designers include stay-at-home mums, careerists, teachers, nurses, business owners, accountants, lawyers, people in-between employment (and the list goes on).  The Revive is designed to create a safe and welcoming environment to support you as you focus on yourself.  Our designers have formed a strong bonds at these Revives, resulting in long lasting supportive friendships.

Yes – morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are all included.


If you are unable to make this Revive and you would like to receive exclusive notice of our next LIFE by DESIGN Program launch, register your interest below.